container_1xOur company provides various kind of logistic service, such as organization of cargo inspection, freight solutions by road, rail, sea  and logistics with a complete set of export documents relevant to the current legislation of importing countries and shipping instructions.

The company experts have an extensive experience in the international trade of frozen meat and fish. We provide consulting services on a wide range of export-import operations. We are always in the known regarding the market situation, prices, information about the geopolitical situation that affects the pricing, demand and supply.

Our team has been forming for many years, gaining experience and increasing

Our experts keep an eye and participate on  market relations of Latin America and North America, Europe and Asia. This allows us to adequately assess the current state of the global world market of meat and fish, as well as make adjusted prediction of the prices level and a product balance on the market.

How to avoid financial risk, to get guaranteed quality and the best price of the goods?

These are the questions that we have solved before you got the goods from us. And we also know, that a spoon is dear when lunch time is near, therefore we know perfectly well how logistic works, and what affects on it. That is why today we are with you.