6685332105_f793dfc5a9_oAlpina GBL – we take care of your comfort.

The company Alpina GBL is a professional team of international trade, which over the years accumulated experience and earned the right to take the place on the market. The main area of activity is the export of frozen meat, fish and food ingredients.

Historically, the company began its move from the supply of frozen meat, and then we have mastered the fish market and food ingredients.

Our main principles: professionalism, responsibility and decency. We always believe that is the key to our stability.

The motto of the Alpina GBL  – Semper in motu, which means Always in motion.

We strive to know what way the market is going now and what will be tomorrow, to provide you with innovative, efficient and competitive services.

To think and save money for you, it is our job.


Our main market of frozen meat is the Mercosur countries (South America), where for long years running we were developing strong partnerships with the best producers in this field.

Import areas are Russia, Asia and the General List.

To be closer to our partners in time and at distance, we have three offices:

  • Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • St Petersburg, Russia
  • Qingdao, China

That gives you the ability to communicate with our employees at any time, wherever you are.