In a world where the population is growing, more people learn about the benefits of seafood. But year by year suppliers increasingly harder to cover the increasing needs.

That is why to avoid depletion of world ocean resources, the amount of fish caught on sea has stabilized at 6.5 million tons a year. So the only way to get more fish on to the market is through breeding fish. At present, bred fish equal the amount of free fish, but no doubt this will change in the future in favor of bred fish and seafood.

The quality of fish differs. We supply high quality fish and seafood from only reliable partners which are time tested.


Our clients help us to expand the scope of the Alpina Global’s activity.

We have professional staff members who specializes in the supplies of frozen fish and seafood.

Our experience and our partners’ network enable us to meet the required demand in accordance with the customer’s particular specifications.

So, do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for even something out of the ordinary.